We understand that screening job candidates is one of the most important stages when hiring new employees. That is why when you use labour hire services from IWF Staff, we conduct thorough interviews, reference checks and social media audits on your behalf. All you need to do is inform us of your current labour needs, and we provide you with a pre-screened candidate we believe is right for the job.

At IWF Staff we are passionate about placing the right people with the right company, to ensure both client and employee satisfaction. Here are some of the things we screen for when reviewing potential candidates:

  1. Employer and candidate expectations – Both employers and employees have different expectations, including working hours and career growth. We identify these on both sides to ensure both the host employer is satisfied with the candidate, and the candidate is satisfied with the employer and job role.
  2. Skills and experience – Employers inform us of the skills and experience they need for the specific role. We then make sure the candidates we present meet the necessary skills, education and experience required by the employer. We verify educational documents and reference check all of our candidates. This ensures that candidates can positively accomplish the tasks required of the role, once they are placed in it.
  3. Criminal record – We screen all candidates for any past criminal records. This is especially important when it comes to roles that require a level of trust.
  4. Ability to fit into company culture – Every organisation has their own culture or a certain type of way they interact with each other and behave. This stems from certain procedures, expectations and policies which influence the behaviour of the people who work there. This means we need to ensure that candidates are compatible with the employer’s company culture.

IWF Staff take candidate screening very seriously. If you have any questions regarding our screening process, or are looking to engage in labour hire, contact us on 1300 493 782!

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