What is labour hire employment?

You may have heard the term labour hire before, but what exactly is a labour hire company and why would you want to work for one? A labour hire company such as IWF Staff provides outsourced skilled and unskilled labour to companies who need extra workers in the short term or long term. This allows them to keep up with increased workloads and complete projects on time.

As a labour hire employee, you will be screened by IWF Staff after you submit your CV and if successful invited to attend an interview. We then offer employment opportunities at host companies that are most appropriate for you. You are the employee of IWF Staff and not the various companies you complete work for, meaning we deal with inductions, tax, paychecks and much more. We also offer valuable support to all of our staff, and are always here for you.

Working for IWF Staff you are able to avoid working with employer after employer or sourcing your own jobs. There are plenty of work opportunities available for employees with the right attitude and desire to work.

What are the benefits of labour hire employment?

1. More work experiences for your resume

Labour hire allows you to work on a range of projects for different host companies, allowing you to add more work experiences to your resume. There is plenty of work for labour hire candidates with the right attitude and desire to work. If you arrive on time and efficiently complete the work you are more likely to be selected for future work and kept busy. Your chances of being specifically requested back by host companies for more work will also increase.

When you search for further employment, prospective employers are looking for candidates with a high level of relevant work experience. You may even have the opportunity to enhance your resume further with positive references earned from previous labour hire work. A good resume filled with work experiences and references gained from working with IWF Staff will assist you in being successful in future employment opportunities.

2. You don’t always have to work traditional 9-5 hours

If traditional 9-5 working hours 5 days a week isn’t for you, labour hire is an ideal alternative. The work is often on a casual basis, which means you can be flexible with the hours and days of the week you choose to work. Scheduling your hours around personal and family commitments is easy and you may have the opportunity for weekend work. Labour hire is also ideal if you already have a job and are looking to pick up some extra hours outside of your regular hours.

3. Opportunity for permanent hours/positions

If you’re looking for more regular hours, IWF Staff has some opportunities for permanent and full-time hours for the right candidates. Some of our host companies occasionally look for permanent employees from IWF Staff, which can lead to an exciting full time/permanent position.

4. Learn new skills and work in a variety of locations

Labour hire employees have the opportunity to work and experience a variety of different roles that you may not have had working for just one company. One week you may be unloading shipping containers for a furniture company and the next you may be working on a manufacturing line helping put products together for another. These different experiences allow you to learn a variety of valuable skills.

5. Work on projects that make use of your skills

At IWF Staff, we are passionate about matching the right people to the job. If you’re a forklift driver, you will be hired to drive forklifts. This ensures our staff are satisfied and receive a sense of fulfilment when they go to work.


If you’re interested in labour hire employment and it sounds like it might be the right fit for you, we have numerous flexible and ongoing positions available that might be ideal for you! Check them out and apply via our jobs board or get in touch with our team!

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