Across Australia there are employers looking for highly skilled workers with valuable expertise to offer. Some of these skilled jobs allow you to work independently, but finding continuous work can be a challenge. Full time positions are great, but may not be required in various industries. Due to these challenges, skilled workers should strongly consider sourcing employment through a labour hire agency such as IWF Staff. And we’re going to tell you why.

Continually build up your CV

Add more experiences to your CV by working on a range of projects through labour hire. A high level of experience is advantageous when you search for further employment. You can also enhance your portfolio with positive references earned from previous labour hire work. A good CV gained from working with a IWF Staff, will assist you in being the first pick for future opportunities.

Freedom of flexibility

If traditional work hours aren’t for you, labour hire is the ideal opportunity. You are only on site when your skills are required, and you have the opportunity work in various locations. IWF Staff offers the perfect circumstances to those who want a little more freedom.

Straightforward employment via your labour hire agency

Avoid working with employer after employer or sourcing your own contracts. Though labour hire, you’re the employee of IWF Staff and not the various organisations you work at. We deal with inductions, tax, paychecks and much more. We also offer valuable support to all of our staff, and are always here for you.

Work on projects that make use of your skills

If you find yourself tired of working general jobs that don’t use your specific skills, signing up with a labour hire agency might be the best option for you. At IWF Staff, we are passionate about matching the right people to the job. If you’re a forklift driver, you will be hired to drive forklifts. This ensures our staff are satisfied and receive a sense of fulfillment when they go to work.

If you’re interested in employment through labour hire and it sounds like it might be right for you, contact our wonderful team at IWF Staff!

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