Job interviews can leave some feeling anxious and stressed. Research conducted by Seek in 2020 even found that the biggest challenge for job candidates was talking about their skills with prospective employers. That’s why the key to nailing your interview is preparation! 

We’ve selected five of the most common interview questions and broken down what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in your answers.

Interview Question: Tell me about yourself

The question itself may seem simple, but many people struggle to talk about themselves or are unsure of what the interviewer really wants to know. If you aren’t prepared, it’s easy to begin rambling and go off-topic. When preparing for this question, you might include in your answer:

  • Your current or most recent job
  • One or two accomplishments you had in that job
  • One or two strengths or qualities about yourself that are relevant to the role you are interviewing for with supporting examples
  • If you feel comfortable, you can also add some personal details about yourself like your hobbies to highlight your personality and wrap up your answer

Interview Question: Why are you interested in this position?

Designed to gauge your understanding of the role and what you know about the company, preparing your answer for this question is essential. In your answer you’ll want to talk about:

  • How your skills match the role
  • Key factors that make the role and the company a great fit for you
  • Any added value you can bring to the role or even the company
  • Why you’re excited to work in the role and the company

Example of an ideal answer:

“I really enjoy keeping active and having variety in my day, whether that’s performing different tasks or duties, working with different products or working in different environments. [Insert company name] offers that flexibility and variety that I am looking for. I’ve previously worked across a number of warehouses which has given me a good understanding of how they operate, how to work safely and as part of a team in that environment. In my previous role as a [insert job title] I was able to independently and safely operate equipment such as a pallet jack, lift items heavier than 25kg and work quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines. I believe these skills along with my punctuality and enjoyment of variety and fitness make me a great fit for this position and an employee [insert company name] can rely on.”

Interview Question: What are your greatest strengths?

Using the job description as a guide, pick one or two specific skills, habits or personality traits that you excel in and are relevant to the job position you are interviewing for with an example or story for each. Be honest about your abilities but also don’t underestimate yourself.

Example of an ideal answer:

“I have a passion for fitness and enjoy combining work and keeping active. I don’t enjoy sitting still for long periods. From working in other warehousing roles, I’ve found I get the most enjoyment out of tasks that require manual labour, such as unloading shipping containers and picking orders.”

Interview Question: What are your greatest weaknesses?

Similar to the questions about your strengths, you should pick one or two specific skills, habits or personality traits that you would like to improve in. The trick here is to show self-awareness by stating the weakness and then discussing the measures you’ve taken to improve. It’s best not to pick a skill or quality that is considered essential to the role.

Example of an ideal answer:

“Tidiness isn’t my strongest skill, but I understand the importance of keeping a tidy workspace, especially for safety reasons. In my previous role, I created a routine in order to keep my workspace neat. I would spend 10-15 minutes before my break tidying up so that when I returned I had a tidy space. Before my shift finished I made sure to give the workspace a good clean, and made sure it was organised and ready for whoever used it next.”

Interview Question: Why was there a gap in your employment?

Maybe you were taking care of children, dealing with health issues, travelling the world or just taking some time to decide what you wanted to do and land the right job. No matter the reason, be prepared to honestly discuss any gaps in your resume.


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