If your business needs employees, hiring temporary staff may be the most beneficial option. For example, your warehouse manager is taking some time off and you need to fill the position until he comes back.

IWF Staff’s labour hire services can match available workers with specific skills and experience, to companies looking for specialised staff. When you use our labour hire services, you can be sure you are getting the right person for the job.

Here are 4 reasons why temporary staff might be the best option for you:

No lengthy recruitment process

You can avoid the long and often costly recruitment process by hiring temporary workers from IWF Staff. In other words, you don’t need to advertise the position, interview potential candidates, or any of the other recruitment tasks necessary to find suitable staff.  When you use our labour hire services, we complete the recruitment process for you, including conducting thorough interviews, reference checks, and social media audits.

No long-term commitment

When you hire a temporary staff member through our labour hire services, you are under no obligation to hire the temporary worker on a permanent basis. Once they have completed the work you require them to do, you part ways with the worker.

On the chance you host a temporary worker that makes a great fit for your organisation, you may offer that person work on a permanent basis. For example, you may need a temporary forklift driver during a period of increased demand. The temporary forklift driver exceeds your performance expectations and gets along with your other workers. One of your permanent forklift drivers decides to resign, so you offer this permanent position to your temporary forklift driver. If they accept your offer, they now become an employee of your business, rather than an employee of IWF Staff. *Conditions apply.

Quick access to specialised skills

Have you ever needed a worker with specialised skills to complete a one off job? Through IWF Staff’s services, you can hire a worker with the specialised skills you need to complete a particular job, without having to employ them for the long term. Once the job is completed, the worker’s temporary position is no longer available.

Quick cover during staff absence

If you end up with staff who are ill, injured or on vacation, temporary staff are an easy solution for what could be a big problem. When you’re trying to meet deadlines and complete projects, absence can interrupt the process. This can result in delays, and time equals money. Temporary staff can cover the positions of your staff while they’re away, ensuring work is completed and your business runs smoothly.

If you’re interested in finding out how labour hire or temporary staff could benefit your business, have a chat with the team at IWF Staff! We have more than 30 years experience, and a variety of workers consisting of general office staff and labourers to warehouse managers and forklift drivers.

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