IWF Staff welcome the recent findings in a report released by the Australian Industry Group, regarding the labour hire industry in Australia.

We agree with findings explaining that the availability of labour hire is important to both Australian business and Australian workers. IWF Staff have supported the ethical practice of labour hire for more than 30 years. As a family run business, we understand the importance of ethical labour hire to both the labour hire employees and host businesses.

Below is an overview of the findings in the report. You can also read the full report here.

Labour hire provides vital flexibility

Australian businesses and workers have a common interest in ensuring the availability of labour hire arrangements. For Australian workers, It allows them to find employment that is flexible in terms of location and hours, and to expand their skills. Australian businesses use labour hire to address seasonal demand, cover unplanned absences, and to access staff with a particular set of specialised skills.

The vast majority of labour hire companies are reputable

Majority of labour hire companies within Australia engage in reputable employment practices, and comply with relevant laws and regulations. While there is a small number of employers and employees who do the wrong thing, there is no evidence to suggest that wrongdoing in the labour hire industry is greater than any other industry.

Restricting labour hire destroys jobs

Major restrictions and changes to the flexibility of labour hire will lead to the reduction of employment, productivity and competitiveness. There are also hundreds of thousands of Australian labour hire employees who depend on labour hire for work. Many businesses and Australians depend on labour hire to survive.

Many employees prefer to work in the labour hire industry

Many people choose to work for a labour hire company because they prefer the flexibility that it offers them. They get significant flexibility over their hours and work locations. They enjoy a lot of variety, and rapidly gaining new skills and experiences. Most labour hire businesses provide their staff with best-practice employment conditions. Hundreds of thousands of Australians choose to work in the labour hire industry.

If you are looking to ethically hire labour staff, talk to the team at IWF Staff. We have more than 30 years experience, and a talent pool consisting of general office staff and labourers to warehouse managers and forklift drivers. Contact us today!

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