You may have found yourself considering labour hire on numerous occasions. But how do you know for sure that it’s the right time? From an employee resigning to your company expanding, there are many indicators that you should consider labour hire.

Here are our tips for knowing when it’s the right time to use labour hire.

When an employee resigns

The most common indicator that you need a new employee is when another employee resigns. Something that might not be so obvious in this situation, is that this is the time to re-evaluate the position, and the type of person you need to fill it. You should consider whether you need to restructure the position description, and assign or remove duties. Hiring a worker through labour hire may be the quickest and most cost effective way of filling the vacancy.

When your company is growing

Another good indicator is if your company is growing and expanding. Business often grow because of seasonal demand, new product lines, or just have good business growth. With this growth comes an influx of work that you’re going to need to keep up with. Increasing staff numbers through labour hire is a quick way of ensuring you have enough workers to keep up with demand.

When you need additional expertise

With the expansion of business, you may recognise the need for new and specialised expertise. Whether it’s in manufacturing, construction, or warehousing, acquiring specialised staff is essential. Labour hire services are a good way of filling this gap. Short term or long term staff can be hired at short notice, from a database of pre-screened workers who match your needs.

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