At IWF Staff we promote ethical labour hire, meaning overt or covert discrimination based on gender, age or race is not tolerated. Safe and healthy working conditions and appropriate wages are also necessary.

When hiring staff, any bias should be disregarded to avoid any discrimination, and appropriate working conditions and wages implemented.

Benefits of ethical labour hire for labour hire employees

As a labour hire employee, working in a fair, transparent, and safe environment fosters engagement and empowerment. Their skills can be put to use and can work to the best of their ability. The benefits of labour hire to employees include having flexibility in their work life, gaining experience from a range of employers, and having job opportunities brought to them.

Benefits of ethical labour hire for business

Ethical labour hire can benefit not only the labour hire employees, but your business too. Through fair and transparent recruitment processes, your applicant pool for positions will increase and a great culture will foster.

Considering all applicants will help stop bias which will result in a fair workplace and help rule out potential bullying of staff. By hiring candidates based on merit and potential, you are having a positive effect on your organisation.

Ethical labour hire helps create a great culture within your business. This culture will foster productivity and improve your staff members’ desires to complete tasks to the best of their ability.

Ethical factors business should consider when hiring labour staff

Appropriate considerations will help ensure that the practice of labour hire is ethical. Factors include:

  • No engagement in discrimination of any kind towards any employee – whether they are temporary or ongoing.
  • Ensure fairness, equality and honesty is promoted throughout the whole labour hire process.
  • Merit and potential should be the basis of choosing the best candidate to avoid any bias.
  • The work environment is safe, healthy, and meets industry standards. Appropriate working hours should also be established.
  • Wages offered to staff should be appropriate and meet industry benchmarks.

IWF Staff have supported the ethical practice of labour hire for more than 30 years. As a family run business, we understand the importance of ethical labour hire to both the labour hire employees and host businesses. If you are looking to ethically hire labour staff, talk to the team at IWF Staff. We can help with general office staff and labourers to warehouse managers and forklift drivers. Contact us today!

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