Every business experiences employee absence, whether it be due to injury, illness or personal leave. When you’re trying to meet deadlines and complete projects absence can interrupt the process. This can result in delays and time equals money.

Temporary staffing is a great solution to the problem, however, the recruitment process can be time consuming and expensive. It involves going through each applicant, conducting interviews and drawing up contracts among other things. This is where we come in.

IWF Staff can provide employees without the long recruitment process due to our large database of team members with their range of skill sets. We can:

Offer skilled staff at short notice

Staff absence is usually not planned and labour gaps may need to be filled as quickly as possible. Due to IWF Staff’s vast talent pool we can provide skilled staff that can work at a moment’s notice.

Deliver a cost and time efficient process

If you want to fill an absentee position quickly, chances are you don’t want to spend the time or money going through the recruitment process. IWF Staff does this process for you and provides you with candidates that suit your needs.

Provide access to a large talent pool

Our large database of willing and skilled staff means we can offer a variety of candidates. General labour, warehouse labourers, forklift drivers, office workers, stock pickers are some of the positions we can fill. You may even be able to fill several positions at once.

IWF Staff understand how absent staff can negatively affect your business. We can provide you with temporary staff to fill a range of positions on short notice, so you can minimise the effect on your projects and deadlines. Contact us today!

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