Are you short staffed for a project and need employees right away? Deciding whether to recruit these employees yourself or to go through labour hire can be a big decision. So what should you do?

Internal recruitment process

If you were to choose internal recruitment, the process is time consuming, may cost money and the chances of hiring someone in time for the project is slim. This lengthy process involves:

  1. Writing a detailed job description.
  2. Posting the job ad. It may take weeks for eligible applicants to apply. You may also need to pay for your job listing to ensure it gets the views you need.
  3. Analyse each resume and narrow down suitable applicants.
  4. Interviews take place of suitable candidates. This can take days or even weeks to find a time that is suitable for both you and each candidate. Phone interviews are also time consuming as you still need to find a suitable time for you both to chat.
  5. Deciding which candidates you want and offering them the job. Some candidates offered the job may decline. If they do accept, you need to go through the process of employing them, such as superannuation, contracts, holiday/sick leave, inductions, etc.

Internal recruitment may be a suitable option for you if you have plenty of time to properly go through the process. This, however, may be too time consuming if you need employees to start right away. The time spent on the internal recruitment process could be used to work on business goals and objectives or on projects.

Labour hire process

IWF Staff can decrease the amount of time you spend on the recruitment process, by undertaking majority of the steps involved for you. Compare the steps you would need to undertake while working with IWF Staff to those if you were to do it on your own:

  1. Contact IWF Staff and explain the candidates you require, when you will need them, and for how long you will need them.
  2. IWF Staff will then go through the internal recruitment process for you by using their existing database or go out to market to ensure the right candidate is found.
  3. IWF Staff will present your candidate options for you to decide on.
  4. Once decided, IWF Staff will take care of all the admin side, such as payroll etc. You just need to sign timesheets and pay an invoice.

Despite having a similar number of steps, the IWF Staff process requires you as the client to do minimal work and therefore save a lot of time.

Benefits of using IWF Staff for recruitment

Using IWF Staff  for recruitment saves you time, money and hassle. The benefits include:

  • Save time and money. You can spend valuable time on core business tasks, rather than on the lengthy recruitment process.
  • Source workers quickly. This will minimise the risk of losing out on projects or missing deadlines and save you stress.
  • Short term costs and no lock-in. Temporary workers are available so you aren’t locked in by contracts and costs are short term.
  • Large talent pool available. We have a large database of skillful team members for a number of industries.
  • Find future employees. You may find a labour hire employee’s skill and work ethic can be added to your own workforce and offer them an employment opportunity within your organisation.

IWF Staff have more than 30 years experience, and a talent pool consisting of general office staff and labourers to warehouse managers and forklift drivers. If you would like to save time and money getting the right people for your business, contact us today!

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