In Australia the term labour hire is a common phrase across many industries. It is a term  “applied to provision of outsourced skilled and unskilled blue-collar workers hired for short- or long-term positions.” (Wikipedia). If you’re new to the labour hire industry, you might be wondering how it works and how IWF Staff can make it work for you, so we are here to explain the basics!

What is labour hire?

Labour hire is the process of sourcing workers with the required skill set and qualifications for your business or project using IWF Staff to manage the process for you. The candidates that you hire are not employees of your business, but are employed by IWF Staff who have sourced them for you. This process has a range of benefits, including enabling businesses that are subject to fluctuations to source skilled staff and fill rolls left empty by staff absence for a short term basis.

When is labour hire useful?

Now you might be thinking why would I hire staff instead of employ my own staff?

Well a huge advantage of using labour hire is that it is flexible for your business needs. If you have a project starting that you need skilled and qualified workers for, or you are running at maximum capacity and need more staff quickly, IWF Staff can fill the position for you with the right person for the job. This not only saves you time but also saves you money, as it allows businesses to hire people with the skills they need for as long as they need, without having to worry about the lengthy recruitment process or having to hire full-time staff.

How does the labour hire process work?

IWF Staff handles the entire process for you, right from reviewing CV’s and performing interviews, to site inductions and covering all administrative tasks. All you have to do is let us know what you require in a candidate and we will take care of the rest. How easy is that!

If you are interested in learning more about labour hire and how it can work for your business, contact the IWF Staff team today!

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