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Please take time to read this document careful as it will detail the day to day operation of IWF and the responsibilities you will have. Make sure to keep a copy of this document to take home with you.

Work attire

All staff are required to have their own Yellow high vis top, Black or Blue shorts/pants and steel cap boots. High vis and steel caps are the minimum requirements and you will be sent home if you are not wearing them. All other equipment like hard hats, gloves etc. will be provided by the host employer.

Work allocation

Staff Members are required to provide their availability daily unless noted otherwise. To do this please call the head office 1300 493 782 in the morning prior to the day you wish to work. Employees names will be noted down to be allocated to work for the following day. Please note if you wish to work on a Monday call on the Friday. Shifts are allocated throughout the day via our database. A text message will be sent out, please respond to the text promptly to either accept or deny the shift. If you have not received a text by 6pm it is safe to assume we were unable to find you work. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the industry this may happen from time to time. Please refer to the Personnel Manager Induction to learn about our allocation system (This will be emailed to you). It goes without saying that staff that prove themselves valuable employees and represent IWF Staff at high level will receive work before those who have been unreliable, unprofessional or have prompted any other negative feedback. IWF Staff has a very low tolerance for turning up late, poor working attitudes and cancelling shifts at the last minute.


We process our payroll weekly on Tuesdays, therefore you should receive a pay slip that afternoon. Your pay should be
available for withdrawal by Wednesday morning. IWF pays the standard award rates this may vary from site to site
depending on the award that the site operates under.

Reporting hours

After completing a shift, you are required to report your hours via Personnel Manager. Initially IWF Staff will set you up on Personnel Manager with your username and password being your mobile phone number. You are required to lock your hours daily where possible. All hours need to be locked by Monday @ 8:00AM following the weeks work. Failure to submit hours can result in incorrect or delayed payment of wages. You can access the online system through the staff page on our website www.iwfstaff.com.au

Office hours

Our office hours are 8.00am to 4.00pm AEDST (Melbourne) Monday to Friday excluding all Public Holidays. All payroll enquires and any administrative issues will only be dealt with during office hours. One of our office staff will be on call outside of office hours, however this is for emergencies only – Please respect the staff on call. If for some reason you cannot go to a shift or believe you will arrive late, please call and give us as much notice as possible. Do not text. Please remember to communicate with us regarding holidays, exams, illness, injuries and all other matters that may affect your availability. Please remember - if you do not call us you will not get work.

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Employee Application

Aus/NZ CitizenVisa

Attach Visa(If Applicable)

CarMotor BikePublic Transport

Please note that the majority of our host employers require our staff to have their own form of reliable transport, this does not include public transport or bicycles.






Eft Pay Details

Please accept the below

Please check with your bank that these are you correct banking details. IWF will not be held responsible for any incorrect details submitted, this could result in a delay in pay.If the details provided above are correct you will receive a pay slip via email on Tuesday afternoon. The money should be available for withdrawal by Wednesday Morning.

A large majority of IWF’s clients will require our employees to have a police check. If you have never
carried out a police check we strongly recommend doing one, as it will allow us to send you to more
potential clients.

Please choose one:

I have a previous police check doneI’ve never done a police check, but I would like to get oneI do not have a police check and do not wish to get one

Workplace Health and Safety

We believe that the health & safety of our employees is extremely important and make every effort to ensure your workplace and work tasks comply with all relevant codes of practice, regulations and industry standards. As employees, you have a duty to yourself & others to work safely and obey site regulations and use protective equipment necessary to ensure your own health & safety and that of your fellow work crew. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the host workplace when you commence each assignment - including the location of first aid kits and fire exits, alarms, procedures etc. A full induction should be carried out by the client upon the commencement of the assignment. In the event this is not conducted please make your consultant aware.

Some basic safety rules

Take notice and comply with all warning signs, safety signs and danger tags
Do not use equipment that you are not trained on or licensed for.
Keep all machine guards and safety rails in place.
Use personal protective clothing (including footwear) and equipment as required.
Report all injuries & accidents immediately.
The consumption of alcohol/illegal substances is forbidden, nor should you arrive at work under the influence.
In addition our host employers may have their own rules regarding drugs and alcohol, this could include being
subject to regular/random drug testing.
No smoking other than in designated areas.
No horseplay or practical jokes-these may result in in accident and lead to instant dismissal.
Familiarise yourself with emergency exits & fire evacuations plans.

Manual Handling

Do not attempt any manual handling unless you know it is within your ability.
Size up the load – get help if necessary
Keep your back straight and do not twist move your feet.
Do you need gloves?
Do you require help?
Always use lifting devices where they are provided.

If you are hurt

If an accident occurs or you receive an injury at work. Notify us immediately. Fill in an incident report sheet.
Immediate notification is important if a worker’s insurance claim is to be lodged.
Injured workers are assisted with return to work programs. Co-operation is required to ensure prompt RTW.

Mobile Phone & Headphone Policy

For obvious OH&S concerns, IWF strictly prohibit the use of head phones in the workplace. Staff are required to
use mobile phones only during breaks or at completion of tasks.
Operation of equipment that requires a license:
If you are not licensed to operate equipment that requires a license to do so (eg forklift), under no
circumstances must you attempt to operate the plant equipment concerned. All appropriate licenses must be
carried at all times.

Anti Bullying Policy

Bullying is unwelcome or unreasonable behaviour that demeans, intimidates or humiliates people either as
individuals or as a group. Bullying is often persistent and part of a pattern, but it can also occur as a single
incident. It is usually carried out by an individual but also can also be an aspect of group behavior. Some
examples of bullying behaviour are.

Verbal Communication

Abusive and offensive language
Spreading rumors and innuendo
Trivialising of work and achievements
Insults, teasing and unreasonable criticism

Manipulating the work environment

Isolating people from normal work interaction
Excessive demands
Setting impossible deadlines

Psychological manipulation

Unfairly blaming people for mistakes
Deliberate exclusion
Practical Jokes
Criticizing in Public
Setting people up to fail
Belittling or disregarding opinions or suggestions

People who witness bullying can also have their attitudes and work performance affected. They can suffer from
feelings of guilt they did nothing to stop the bullying and can become intimidated and perform less efficiently
fearing they may be the next to be bullied.


Managers and Supervisors Employees
Ensure all employees are aware of the anti- bullying policy.
Ensure that all incidents of bullying are dealt with whether
reported or not.
Provide leadership in appropriate professional behavior.
Respond promptly, sensitively and confidentially to all situations
where inappropriate behavior is observed.

Be familiar with and behave according to this policy.
If you are a witness to bullying, report incidents to IWF staff.
Where appropriate, speak to the alleged bully(ies) to object to
their behavior